Our Story

Hatten Wines is 100% Balinese owned by a prominent Sanur family. In 1968, patriarch IB Oka Gotama started the company called Dewi Sri and also known as Brem Bali or Arak Bali, a company making rice wine – Brem and rice alcohol Arak. The winery and distillery is still in operation to this day and produce a professional version of the local drinks.
Hatten Wines was established in 1994 and started with the fresh Rosé wine which the company is now famous for. The choice seemed sensible, having the warm summery climate Bali has, Hatten Wines was introducing the perfect chilled wine for its Restaurant and Hotel clients. Since, the company’s aim is to produce quality wines that are suited for both the tropical climate and the spicy and delicious food of Indonesia. With the help of a French winemaker and a team of dedicated sales people, Hatten Wines grew bigger year by year after introducing a traditional méthode champenoise Sparkling Rosé. In the year 2001, after celebrating its 100th vintage of the Rosé, Hatten Wines slowly introduced a white wine and a white brut méthode champenoise sparkling, a light red wine, and a fortified wine inspired by the Pineau des Charentes method.

Hatten Wines added a second range of wines in 2006: a range of Australian wines made from imported frozen grapes which are vinified at the winery in Sanur. Joined in 2012 by young and dynamic winemaker James Kalleske, the two ranges of wines flourished and saw great development. tWo islands now comprises of Cabernet-Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Shiraz and the newly added Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

Born and raised in the land of great wine, the Barossa Valley, James Kalleske began learning the art of winemaking at the age of 17, at Grant Burge Wines. For his studies at Curtin University in Oenology and Viticulture, James received the Dean’s Award for ‘most outstanding student’. During his work at Rockfield Estate Wines & Thompson Estate Wines in Margaret River, James was awarded with 5 star Halliday Winery Ratings. His passion of wine has also brought him the opportunity to work with and be mentored by five of Australia’s greatest and most renowned winemakers: Bob Cartwright, Cliff Royle, Craig Stansborough, Vanya Cullen and Virginia Wilcock, as well as France’s prized 5th generation winemaker Alphonse Mellot in Sancerre.
In 2014 Dragonfly Moscato was born, specifically for its light bubbly character and sweetness, offering the Indonesian market a friendly light wine to indulge in.

Today Hatten Wines products are found on most of Bali and Indonesia’s tables. Over the past few years the winery has collected awards from prestigious competitions and accolades from wine experts, writers, also featured in articles and books worldwide. IB Rai Budarsa was saluted as a wine pioneer in Asia for producing the Hatten Wines and Two Islands ranges by the panel of judges of the Wine for Asia Awards in 2011. During its journey, the Proudly Balinese Hatten Wines has won several awards at competitions in Europe and Asia, solidifying its place as a pioneer in the regional wine industry.

Regional and local Memberships

p-awpa-logoSince 2013, Hatten Wines is a proud founding member of the Asian Wine Producers Association. This group of Asian wineries comprises of wineries making wines from grapes grown locally.

p-vnb-logoHatten Wines has recently launched www.visitnorthbali.com along with BT Cocoa plantation and chocolate museum and Australian listed company, Atlas Pearls’ farm. The three companies’ activities are now promoting the North Coast of Bali as an alliance of companies with a close bond: Benih Kasih Orphanage’s new building should be under construction soon, to allow the 30+ children to move out of their 14 beds capacity old building. www.benihkasihhome.info

1992 : Pak Rai had the vision of producing wines using locally grown grapes. Established the first winery in Bali and began searching for grape varieties in Indonesia that could be made into grapes.
1994: Launched the first vintage of Rosé wine.
2000: Launched Jepun sparkling wine.
2001: Launched Aga Red.
2002: Launched Aga White.
2003: Launched Tunjung sparkling wine / Alexandria / Pino de Bali.
2007: Launched Two Islands – Chardonnay & Shiraz.
2009: Launched Two Islands – Riesling & Cabernet Merlot.
2011: Mr Gus Rai Awarded Wine Pioneer Award for Southeast Asia.