About Hatten Wines

Hatten Wines has been making wine in Bali since 1994, breaking the rules of traditional viticulture and winemaking by braving the climate, the elements and fierce critics. Years of adjustments, trials, testing, and reinventing itself – now more than 20 years, have forged a solid winemaking company with incredible pride in its staff, products and trust in its owners.

The company produces and distributes, these ranges of wines and spirits:

Hatten Wines range is produced from grapes grown on the North Coast of Bali in its own vineyards and in controlled and managed farmer’s vineyards;

TWO islands wines are made from imported South Australian frozen grape must and vinified in Bali;

Dragonfly is a delightfully light bubbly Moscato made from imported Australian grapes;

Dewi Sri Traditional Asian alcohols are made in Sanur since 1968.  Pure and crisp professionally made Arak and Balinese rice wine called Brem, are at the center of this institution’s business.