In commemoration of the Hatten Wines’ 23rd Anniversary, we look back into our humble beginnings. A short conversation with the Hatten Wines General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Lila Yudiana reveals a lot of history into the Hatten Wines organization.

Long before the 200-employee stronghold of the company that we are today, there were only a total of about 20 employees who started the Hatten Wines brand in 1994. Beginning with the Alphonso Lavalle grapes, the employees would gather together, despite of their position and stature, to crush the grapes through stomping with their feet.

The crushing would depend on the orders they would get the day before, as CEO and Founder Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa and his family, together with a few employees and family friends, would work together to build their database of clients, go door-to-door with the Rose wine, and would deliver orders using a rented car.

Everything back then was done manually, according to Mr. Lila. From the crushing of the grapes to the bottling and labeling of the wines, everyone—including the CEO and Founder and his wife.

Besides the manual labor of love and hard work of the Hatten Wines pioneers, the market was hard to penetrate as the black market for imported wines were selling bottles for as low as IDR 35,000.00.

However, with persistence and dedication, sales gradually grew as the Balinese market became more willing to try the Balinese wine, offering a bottle that is unique and pairs perfectly with local food and the warm climate.

Despite all the challenges, the team rose above it all and today, Hatten Wines is known as the biggest wine producer in Bali.