Back in July, we got involved with Ratu Lestari Alami.  This volunteer based effort is a CSR program of the Natural Light Candle Company here in Bali.  Our involvement?  Well we HAD to try and help…  so we started by thinking of what we have that can help  Ratu Lestari Alami:  we have lots of shipping palettes from the importation of frozen must from Australia, to make our Two Islands wines. That’s wood to make bee hives!  We have venues in our building for events and hosting guests:  the group held talks, educational activities, a press conference, a honey tasting event.  And lastly, well we have land:  we offered the group the use of a piece of land in our vineyards, to host bee hives. That’s how we got into all this!
Four Seasons Sayan Resort joined us on this adventure, with Chef Liam Nealon, a trained beekeeper, helping us to create honeylicious dishes for a very successful event.  Now, we are going further, preparing to launch activities with Four Seasons Resorts, to promote beekeeping and saving bees.

And now the bees are coming soon and it’s all happening. Very exciting!