After 23 years of winemaking in Bali, Hatten Wines continues to be at the forefront of wine production in the island. As one of the biggest brands in Bali, we continue to strive for excellence in our wines and our service to the Indonesian market.

The Hatten Wines brand was brought to life after the launch of the first Rose bottle was introduced to the market in 1994. Coming from a family of Brem and rice alcohol or “Arak” producers, Founder and CEO Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa came with a vision of expanding the family’s beverage business into wine making.

Contrary to doubtful critics from the Indonesian market and beyond, the Hatten Wines CEO braved the challenges of these environmental conditions by enlisting some of the best talents from the industry, assuring that Alphonso Lavalle grapes that makes the Rose wine are grown to a commercial scale in the 45 Hatten Wines vineyard in North Bali.

With the cool and refreshing characters of the Hatten Wines Rose, it quickly became a staple into Bali’s local and international restaurants, as well as hotels in the island.

The success of the Rose saw the launch of another product, the Jepun Sparkling Rose, using a traditional methode champenoise, the same method used for making Champagne in France. Bringing in worldwide wine making practices, as well as continuous research and development, Hatten Wines has grown from a humble company to a well-known institution with over 200 employees.

This 16 August, Hatten Wines celebrates its history—23 years of vinification and bringing local wine into the Indonesian table, offering a taste that is truly Indonesiand and proudly Balinese.