As we continue to push the boundaries of wine making in the tropical island of Bali, we introduce a new grape variety into our vineyard—the Shiraz!

As the third quarter of 2017 kicks in, the coming of a new season signifies growth and innovation for Hatten Wines. We are very excited that we have finally pruned the first batch of Shiraz grapes.

Pruning, in simplest terms, is trimming or cutting away old branches to increase fruitfulness and growth of the vines.

After pruning the first Shiraz grapes in the Hatten Wines vineyard, we are expecting new shoots to burst from the old pruned branches, and those new shoots will “carry” flowers that will turn into fruits.

This is the first ever that this is being done in Bali, and even in Indonesia as we know of! Exciting times indeed as growing Shiraz grapes in Indonesia is unheard of. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to improve and give more variety of wine to our patrons.

We’ll keep you posted when we are ready to harvest!