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Hatten Wines is a true Balinese company, owned by a Balinese family and managed by Balinese people. Because it touches the lives of nearly 250 families in Bali, from grape growers to employees, suppliers to distributors, we continuously aim to support Bali related projects, promoting culture, arts, sports its people and the environment.

Our islands is not perfect, we have issues environmentally, issues that are political in nature, sometimes human mistakes and a bit of greed. But we still have a beautiful island. We want to promote our beautiful landscape, diversity and people. While we try hard to keep our home clean, educate and thrive, there are things we can do in small and big scale. We do our best to contribute positively.

‘Proudly Balinese’ is our slogan, see why on this page. Scroll down to see what we have been up to…


September 22nd 2016 – Bali Bee Week

Because our friends the bees need help, our friends the farmers need bees and we human beings need bees, Hatten Wines supports an initiative to help repopulate the North Coast of Bali, of its bee population. Small efforts go a long way sometimes… here’s what we are doing, small steps.

Hatten Wines has donate wood palettes to Ratu Alami Lestari to build beehives, we are also hosting 200 beehives in our vineyards and are hosting in our new building, conferences, talks and education on beekeeping. During one week from September 22nd to September 29th, in cooperation with Four Seasons Resort at Sayan’s Chef Liam Nealon, we are having the wonderful ladies of Ratu Alami Lestari come and talk to us about how to save bees, how to sponsor beehives, colonies and queens, in order to see Bali’s coffee, clove, coconut, guava, oranges, rambutan, mangis and other crops go back to their normal yields.

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Hatten Wines Bali Bee Week
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August 4th 2016 – Lontar Exhibition

In August 2016, Hatten Wines unveiled a commissioned Lontar piece which finds its home in the Hatten Wines Private Dining Room by Gaggenau. This commissioned Lontar tells the story of humanity’s connection to the Divine, completing the illustration of the Tri Hita Karana principles in the venue. Along with the concepts of integration of nature and creating a communal social environment, the Lontar’s exquisitely etched text depicts a story of how humans cultivate their relationship with their creator.

Etched by Bapak Ida Bagus Nyoman Buruan, from Desa Sidemen, Karangasem. The Lontar is single sided and encased in a présentoir to be displayed in the Private Dining Room of the Hatten Wines Building. Normally written with sacred text and preserved in family scripts, these exquisite pieces of art are rarely seen in public. Containing legends, recipes, directives as to crops and subak, the lontars of Bali keep many secrets and historical data.

The lontar exhibition of August 2016 showed 30 pieces of history depicting everyday life, stories and even a land deep of 1887, displaying its Dutch Colonial stamp.
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Hatten Wines Bali Bee Week


Visit North Bali – since 2014

Founded in 2014 with Atlas Pearl Farms and BT Cocoa, aims to promote the North Coast of Bali as a tourist destination. With activities such as the pearl farm visit, the vineyards visit and the newly established Beekeeping Center of Sanggalangit village, the website insists on introducing the North Coast of the island to promote its beauty and diversity.

Hatten Wines Bali Cricket league – since 2012

p-balicricket1Over the last 5 years, the sponsorship of Hatten Wines for the Bali Cricket League, has seen the number of teams increase from 7 men’s teams in 2012 to 12 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams that have played in the Hatten Wines Bali Cricket League in the last two years. This has meant that over the five years the total number of players participating has increased from approximately 100 to close to 300 today. This 300% increase in those playing cricket in Bali would not have been possible without the support of Hatten Wines. A majority of players on the Indonesian National Team and Women’s National Team, are from Bali.

Also, mainly because of what we have managed to achieve here in Bali, the Indonesian Government and the local Balinese Government are now recognizing the game of cricket throughout the country and are providing more funding to keep the momentum going. This is excellent news for the continued expansion of cricket in Indonesia.