We have installed more bee hives! This is all very exciting, the bees are here and more are coming! We have now 8 beehives, including one Queen Bee Villa. All the beehives have their sponsors names inscribed on them. As these little bees show us how they acclimatize to the area, we are getting ready to receive more Queens and colonies, expand the meadow.

We also have had promising meetings with representatives of Atlas Pearls and Four Seasons Resorts: we are supporting the creation of a farmer’s coop for this project to be sustainable and the bee keeping is done by a team of women from the village of Sanggalangit, which will become the owners of the honey.

I will be supervising the operations to help them establish the coop, set up the honey harvesting area, packaging and bottling of the precious honey.

We will distribute the honey for them, and all profits will remain theirs.

More to come on this very exciting sustainable development, free trade and women empowering aspect of the bee center!

Come visit! Sponsor a hive! Help us save the North Bali Bees!