saving-bees-in-indonesiaGrapevines are self-pollinators, so they don’t need the honey bees to grow, but when you see honey bees around it is a sign of a healthy ecosystem.

“as bees gather pollen and nectar they pollinate these crops, which are then much more lush and viable and able to efficiently return nutrients to the soil.” – Ben Weinberg

“Bees are also pollinators for insectaries.  An insectary is a grouping of plants that are often planted around vineyard blocks or down the tractor rows. They help these flowers succeed, which in turn draws beneficial predators.  These are all general predators of vineyard pests, and their presence means that we have to intervene less because nature is doing it for us.  Lots of bees are thus a good sign that you have a healthy vineyard with a diverse ecosystem.” – Justin Leigon, viticulturist at Napa-based Piña Vineyard Management.